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After Sales Service

Account Management

With a team of experienced Account Managers nationally, we are able to offer a complete account management service.

As a Bisley Corporate customer you are allocated a dedicated Account Manager to function as your direct contact for the duration of any uniform supply agreement.

You can expect your Account Manager to:

Customer Service

We operate a full time Customer Service Centre between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. This centre routinely handles inbound and outbound customer calls, assists with online order processing and will provide customer support for all aspects of your business.

As a Bisley Corporate customer you will be allocated a dedicated Customer Service Representative who together with your Account Manager will ensure all your enquires are handled effectively and efficiently.

You can expect your Customer Service Representative to:


Bisley Corporate offers its customers a suite of standard reporting covering key operational information and analysis including:

Understanding that specific reporting requirements will vary from one customer to another, we also offer flexibility with our reports to ensure accurate and timely KPI information is available on request.